Warsaw Stock Exchange - quick update with graphs

Below listed companies attracted my attention.

ALMA - advancing and over performing (re-based to 8th of Aug) but may create double top
ASSECOPOL - overperfoming after crossing long-term falling trend
ATLANTIS - high spike, double top and back on-track to falling trend
CORMAY - climbing fast since july (high P/E=47)
EKOEXPORT - has been climbing steeply up since around 20th of September
DEBICA - jumped high after 20th of September; now in parallel with index
ENEA - overperfoming after crossing falling trend

Couple of interesting articles:

Apple loses against Samsung down-under:

Another Apple iPhone 4 catches fire:

Tokyo Motor Show: Is hi-tech the answer for Japan's car industry?:

Animals predicting earthquakes:

Other interesting (DIY) stuff:

Python: WIG20 on a taskbar

I really didnt like concept of this abstract language
... till I managed to write program showing Warsaw's stock market index [WIG20].

It took me maybe 30 minutes during Python Course, overall
Grabs the data from, strips the tags and shows in very tiny box boss wouldn't see...
This is how it looks:

Double click opens webpage with current graph.

And code for it:

import threading

Ruby: CSV to HTML

Quickly written code for conversion CSV to HTML.
It looks that using awk is a little bit more efficient,
however on the other hand - below code uses opens file
to write and handles input from command line (ARGV).

Following line:


Drops whitespaces, ", and last commas of every line. Then replaces
commas with </td><td>.

Source code

if ARGV.count < 1
  puts "Usage:"
  puts "  csv2html.rb <csv filename> [output filename]"
ifname = ARGV[0]

WIG companies with good fundamentals.

List of Warsaw's WIG companies having good fundamentals.
Rule for latest (QE2 or latest published) data:
QE2 Net Profit >0
ROE > 0
P/E > 0
P/BV > 0
ROA > 0

All sorted by 1 month gain%.

Name 1 month gain % Capitalization (K PLN)
EKO 55.76 263502
KOELNER 47.72 439560
BORYSZEW 40 1444298
IPOPEMA 38.24 314168

WIG best companies (2 year timescale)

Best gains in 2-years time. Data collected from
using Stockmarket data retriever (bash). Not listed companies on the bottom of this post.
No fundamentals included in analysis.

5days 10 days 1month 3months 6months 1year 2years 3years 5years
CORMAY -3.19 -4.48 2.66 -4.86 0.71 123.12 510.26 - -
ADVGRUPA -9.84 -11.24 -23.81 -35.51 -42.94 -4.33 506.34 271.12 -

Market trend change?


Few intersting charts; Are we going to have change on the market?
If WIG20 jumps above 2200 pts - it might be a good sign to think about buying.

WIG20 chart

W20 futures

EURPLN. PLN strengthening against EUR.

WIG20 jumped back over 2100pts. EURPLN around 4.388 .. 4.403

Quick update: WIG20 jumped back over 2100pts.
EURPLN slowed volatility for the second day and it looks it may
become stagnant/falling in next days. National Polish Bank have
intervened couple of times since the beginning of last week to
keep EURPLN below 4.50EURPLN. It suggests EURPLN which already
goes flat will not go higher. Looking into politics before
elections - estimations show that Civic Platform leads with 31%
of votes against 21% of Law and Justice; not the best result
but a good one for investors.

WIG20 and worldwide stocks are still in falling trend; however

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